Steve & June, Halls Head

From the outset we were impressed with this company. I rang to run an idea by Dave. I left a message and he rang back straight away within 30 minutes. That impressed me! Then I ran my idea by him. Right from that moment on, nothing was too hard. We had an idea and Dave formed it in to a plan. You have to be impressed with someone who comes around a day after signing the contract with his wife and starts lifting pavers. Sweat dripping in the middle of summer and nothing stopped them. We changed things along the way and that wasn’t met with resistance but rather wow that is a good idea. Everything was just done the way we wanted. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Dave and Neryl are. If you want someone to take you in to their lives and work alongside you and get the amazing renovation the we did then these are the people for you. I’ve included a photo of them vacuuming our driveway past the job to make sure it was completely clean and then doing it for our elderly neighbour too to make sure that there was no mess in her driveway. Dave spoke to our neighbours to make sure that they were ok with the labourers cars in the road. I honestly cannot recommend this company high enough. I have included a pic of them working together at the end of the day along side each other to get the drive way neat. Little less the renovation which has exceeded every expectation. If you want a Reno done and done properly with the care that they would show if it was their own home then do not go past this company. Sincerely Steve & June.