Cost Plus & Project Management

Cost Plus & Project Management

Delivering quality, on time and on budget

Let’s face reality – Project Management or Building Supervision is a full time job generally done by professionals.

You may have done a lot of the preliminary work; had plans drawn, submitted them to Council and received an approval and now you are ready to build. Perhaps you want to do some of the work yourself or may already have some trades lined up but the reality is you just don’t have the time to be “the builder”, after all you have a full time job and other lifestyle committments.

Consider for a moment:

  • We can all drive a car but without a special licence we can’t drive a Taxi
  • Some people cut their own hair but to have a styled hair cut you need an experienced licensed hairdresser
  • You can even do your own investing but you are not a licenced stockbroker or financial planner

Yet many of us think we can complete one of the biggest projects, not to mention one of the biggest investments, in our life when we take on the professional, licenced builder's role. It is also generally a false economy as even if everything does go right; Do you really know what you are looking at and supervising (particularly dealing with sub-contractors). When you take on the role of "builder" ultimately you are responsible for anything that goes wrong. Would you know what each trade should be doing let alone how quickly, for what price, what should be happenig next and what potential future problems need to be addressed.

You obviously won’t be paying “trade “ prices not to mention being charged for mistakes and the dreaded “extras” or variations. You will lose productivity in your work as proper supervision and project management will have to be completed generally during “normal” business hours, not to mention the paperwork and administration that you will have to fit in most likely at night or on weekends. You will potentially be responsible for a minimum of 7 years warranty if you decide to sell. Finally if you add the true value of your time to complete all these tasks to the loss of productivity in your own work and lifestyle, in real terms, you will probably have cost more than having it done by the professionals.

With all that in mind why not employ the professional services of DBM Building and let the specialists take the worry out of bringing these plans to reality. As a well established builder of new homes and renovations or additions, DBM Building know how to get a project from concept to completion quickly, effectively and efficiently with your best interests in mind at all times.

  • I was asked to write a review because our house is now finished. From start to finish, DBM Building has been fantastic to deal with. The admin staff, the contractors, the Tradesmen on site and especially Dave the builder/supervisor, his sharp eye and attention to detail is second to none. What ...more

    – John & Marie, Mandurah

Delivering the quality you expect, on time and on budget.